Ever wanted the "perfect" plan where the company gets a current deduction when the money is paid into the plan, the cash grows tax deferred, and then the participant get the money "tax free"? Well look no further. There is a plan like that available. You just have to be willing to discriminate.

It's called a Restricted Executive Bonus plan and combines to different benefits in one. It has to be done carefully to meet IRS guidelines, but is 100% legal. Nice thing is, it's not carrier or product specific, and has the flexibility as to what type of asset you want in the plan.

To learn more, give us a call or check out our Executive Bonus material. We'd be happy to design a sample for you so that you keep your best people.

Deferred Compensation on Suits

What does the TV show Suits have to do with a deferred compensation and an insurance consulting firm? Well, Mike Ross, while running from the cops, runs into the interview room of Harvey Specter, a Harvard Lawyer who is interviewing new associates.

During their brief encounter, Mike is quizzed on a number of legal matters, one of which is 409A. Check out this clip at 5:55 where the topic comes up.
Watch for Stock Option Backdating at 5:55 into video