Creating Income in Retirement

Income Maximization

Creating Income in Retirement starts with each executive’s personalized Retirement Income Questionnaire By clearly defining the basic needs for an executive’s retirement our associates can create the plan that will help them through retirement without having to rely on their relatives for assistance.

Retirees face a number of risks when they retire.

  • Market Risks – A necessary component that should be minimized so that it does not wipe out the retirement asset before, or during retirement.
  • Sequence Risks – Not just market returns but consistent returns
  • Longevity Risks – Possibility of living past one’s assets because of poor returns and longer life spans
  • Health Risks – Possibility of needing additional funds to pay for a long term care facility
  • Inflation Risks – Cost of living should be included to avoid depleting assets too quickly because health care or other costs may rise faster than a person’s assets.
  • Liquidity Risks – Setting up a plan that is flexible based upon changing needs over a person’s lifetime is critical at the beginning of retirement. Change occurs in almost every scenario and you may or may not need extra funds during retirement.

Since your money is now working for you, instead of you working for your money, each of the preceding SIX risks should be addressed at the onset of retirement by designing an overall of customized product allocations, not asset allocation.

Your start to a safe retirement with a Retirement Income Questionnaire.


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