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Schiff Executive Benefits

What are your options to
keeping your best talent happy?

Are you a business owner?  Key Executive in your company? Or maybe a decision maker trying to keep your best people?   Well, we can help.

Schiff Benefits is a consulting company that focuses on the goal, and then reverse engineers your solution.  We start with your goals in mind, the benefit structure, and then make sure that the “feel” of the plan matches the culture and intent.

Our staff and network of advisors know the technical sides of implementing plans in the corporate or bank environment. The main principals have almost 100 years of combined experience in the executive benefits space.

Let us show you and your company how to attract, retain and reward those that are key to building your business at a fraction of the cost of what you think it might be.


Our programs can provide:

Ownership Feel to Non-Owners 100%
Protection to employee families 100%
Income when needed most (in retirement) 100%

We can work as your broker with any carrier for the best solutions, while using some of the best and strongest financial services firms to customize these programs on your behalf.   Your program can be as unique as you and your company.

“Creating The Perfect Plan”

Retirement Made Simple:

Want to make retirement simple?  Then talk to us about the following:

  • A Fixed Dollar Amount Set Aside
  • For a Fixed Period of Time
  • Growing at a Fixed Rate of Return
  • Generating a Fixed Cash Flow
  • For a Pre-Defined Fixed Period of Time

This can be done at the employer and employee level.  For more information click here.


409A/NQDC Plans

401K Mirror (Employee Funded)
401K Mirror (Employer Funded)
Phantom Stock
Traditional DB SERP

Split Dollar Programs

Collateral Assignment
Restricted Executive Bonus

Life Insurance

Buy/Sell Agreements
Estate Planning
Long Term Care Coverage (through a rider)

Designed to Comply with all Government Regulations:

In conjunction with our recommended Third-Party Administrative platform partners, we help our clients maintain compliance in this ever increasingly difficult regulatory environment. Customized benefit programs designed to comply with corporate and bank owned life insurance regulations IRC 101(j) as well as being designed to comply with deferred compensation regulations IRC 409A.

We won’t replace your advisor, we’ll work with them.

Our integrated approach that includes all of the client’s advisors:

  • Accountant
  • Attorney
  • TPA
  • Insurance Agent and/or, Financial Advisor

Schiff Benefits will assist the client in achieving their goals from the beginning.  Each plan is designed based upon the employer’s/employees’ needs with an emphasis on full cost recovery of the employer’s executive benefit programs.


What would your ``perfect plan`` look like?