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Estate Planning iDEAS for 2021 and Beyond

In 2021 the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee have drafted legislation that will dramatically change the taxes on Generational Tax Planning. Words like GRATs, CRATs, FLPs, and ILITs are effected as these “financial instruments” that are usually Grantor Trusts, or set up by a donor (grantor), are set up for long term planning. Well, today that long term planning has to change based upon these new tax rules.

Take a look at what Michael Fontanini of Lion Street highlights as potential problems for families that have these very useful instruments in place.

Buy/Sell Insurance – How to do it for the least out of pocket

A short video about buy/sell insurance

What would happen if your business partner died suddenly? You’d be in business with his/her widow. Do you really want to do that?

No. Instead, you want to buy the “cheapest” insurance you can buy at the lowest cost. But many times, you need insurance for 20 or 30 years. In addition, when you pay that premium, it’s gone.

What if you could have the same cash flow for a permanent policy as a term insurance policy, have the bank pay your premium, and then in the future, create a stream of income that potential buyout you or your partner in retirement? Wouldn’t that be the best of all words? Well you can. You just have to be able to qualify.