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Ready for the Great Talent Resignation?

Actionable Ideas to Recruit, Retain
and Reward Key Talent

In a time when more executives are walking away from their jobs, what can you do to keep them leaving during the Great Talent Recognition? Well, in this article by Andreas Stuermann, a fellow Lion Street Owner, he shares his ideas and insight into what might interest you and your staff that isn’t for everyone, discretionary, and may be fully cost recvoered.

Deferred Compensation Ins and Outs – Video

Deferred Compensation Ins and Outs, and Interview with Matthew Schiff

This is the Third Clip in a series of three. Check out our articles for additional videos.

Recruit, Retain, and Defer? – The Wealth Channel Interview with Matthew – Video

The First of Three Interviews on the American College’s Wealth Channel about how to create benefit  programs that Attract, Retain and Reward your key employees.  Here we will go into a discussion about the types of programs available for these plans that are subject to IRC 409A.