February 9, 2020

Income for Life

When you are closing in on retirement, the most important thing is that you have income for life. How do you do that? Well, listen to retirement expert Tom Hegna discuss the math and science behind how you can guarantee that you never run out of money regardless of market returns.

In this video, Tom Hegna discusses what an Income Annuity is. How it acts likes Social Security or a Defined Benefit Pension. And why you must have this in your portfolio as part of your “assets’ in retirement, regardless of how much you have.

At Schiff Benefits Group, we help business owners and their key employees create streams of income in retirement that can’t be found by just using your IRA to draw income. At the same time, we protect against a downturn in the market, a long term care event, and a death of your spouse in retirement. Send us an email or call us to learn more.