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Client Fact Finders:

Client Ready Census Form – NQDC (Excel File)
Checklist of Executive Benefits (PDF File)
Common Client Questions (PDF File)
Executive Benefits Grid – A Deferred Compensation Comparison (PDF File)

Deferred Compensation Material:

Attraction and Retention of the Key Employee (PDF File)
AALU 409A Final Regs Summary (PDF File)
SBG Phantom Stock Plans – Stand Alone Piece (PDF File)

Company Owned Life Insurance (COLI):

Frequently Asked Questions about COLI (PDF File)
COLI Best Practices Law – AALU 101(j) Review – (PDF File)

Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI):

SBG BOLI Article – Consultant Overview
AALU_BOLI_Overview 2004-56
SBG Sample Carriers List

Employer Group Waiver Plans:

SBG EggWhip Flowchart
The_Trillion_Dollar_Gap_Pew report 2010
Iceberg Ahead -The hidden costs of public sector retiree health benefits in New York
AMWINS Corporate Overview
The Egg Whip Mechanic vs RDS Subsidy

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